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Roofing & Chimney Repairs

Don’t wait around for your damaged roof or chimney to worsen. Our affordable roof and chimney repairs include partial and full roof repairs, as well as chimney rebuilds, restructures, and repointing. Furthermore, we are also available for chimney cowl and vent installations. So act now by calling our professional roofers today.

Professional Roof Repairs

Are you having issues with a leaky roof or loose tiling? Whatever issue you may be dealing with, call our local roofing team today to arrange fast and reliable repairs. These fixes will help to optimise to lifespan of the structure, prevent more serious problems, and keep your property looking great. Small problems can quickly develop into larger, more expensive repairs, so make sure you call the professionals to get your roof back in good shape. 

Chimney Rebuilds and Restructuring

Over time, the structural integrity of chimneys will begin to deteriorate. And if they are left unaddressed, this can lead to much larger issues. These structures can last for a long time, but eventually, they can start to show signs of wear or damage. If you come across any problems with your chimney, this should be sorted out as soon as possible. 

Chimney Repointing

Is the mortar in your chimney stack starting to crumble and fall away? If left unchecked, this affects the structural integrity of your chimney, which can lead to loose debris falling from your roof. Luckily, we provide straightforward solutions to have your chimney restored in no time at all. Book with us today to arrange our chimney repointing service.

Cowl and Vent Installation

Are you looking for a new chimney cowl or vent? Installing a cowl protects your flue from rain, snow, and down-drafts. Furthermore, this prevents birds, squirrels and other creatures from getting trapped inside. Even if your chimney is no longer in use, the structure still needs to breathe. Otherwise, if there is no air flow, moisture gets trapped and can cause the chimney to decay at a faster rate. In order to avoid this, call us to discuss a vent installation today.


Darren T
Darren T
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Highly recommended ! Messaged Ross on Wednesday last week he was very fast with a price and came out the next day to fit the vent tile for me helping me out big time thanks
Alexis S
Alexis S
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We had needed the main part of our house re done since we moved in and postponed and postponed and eventually we had a pretty bad leak ruining one of our upstairs bedrooms! I contacted Ross at hi spec and he sorted a re roof quickly and in a very professional manner. While ross himself was not always on site his staff are friendly and very helpful and ross checked In to keep on top of things keeping me informed at every step.
Lianne A
Lianne A
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Ross came out within a few hours of a phone call and came back the next morning to do the work. Fantastic response. Would highly recommen

Call for Local Roof Repairs

Restore your chimney and roofing to a pristine condition with our repair team. Whether you have a flat roof or tiled, we can help restore many structures. Contact us now to arrange a no obligation discussion with our experts, as well as a free quote for our services.

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